Traditional Hakama-Shita (Shirt for Hakama)

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Traditional Hakama Shita

The Traditional Hakama-Shita is a Gi top type of kimono which is worn with a hakama.  It is also sometimes worn by Martial Artists for training, or worn as a stylish “light jacket” by both men and women. Iron Mountain Armory traditional hakama shita features an opening under the armpits for venting and rolling of the sleeves. It also features short slits under the armpit, (waist up) so the kimono can be wrapped or overlaid for different fitting options.

We also offer the option of lace ties to be added as well as wide or narrow sleeve kimono top. The lace ties the wrists closed at the wrist or above the elbow to keep the wide sleeves from interfering with some activities.  This is called a kukui (tied) hakama. The narrow sleeves are typically a little more comfortable when wearing kote (armored sleeves). 

This hakama shirt compliments our traditional Samurai Hakama. A Juban Shitagi is traditionally worn as an undershirt.


  • Traditional design
  • Optional cotton colors, patterns, sleeve widths and sizing
  • Optional materials and Japanese cotton


 Note: This is handmade in the USA so please allow 30 ~ 45 days for delivery.