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Espada Y Daga

Traditional Filipino Kali/Eskrima Blades

Custom designed by Guardians Vault Australia
The Espada Y Daga, also known as Punta Y Daga or Olisi Y Baraw, is a modern discipline of Kali and the Filipino Martial Arts which was influenced by Spanish swordsmanship, in particular the Spanish style of Side Sword & Dagger used by the Conquistadors who invaded the Philippine islands in the 16th Century, and not the Rapier and Dagger styles used for dueling and self defense purposes by the Spanish upper classes as was once believed.

The discipline of the Kali art focuses on engaging an opponent at varied different distances, for close, mid and long range combat.

Generally the stronger or dominant hand will hold the long blade and in various styles will serve as the primary weapon. The off-hand, wields the short weapon (daga or knife) and is used for both offense (thrusting and sliding) and defense (blocking, checking , locking).


These awesome looking blades were custom designed in house by GVA for our Kali/Eskrima clients who have graduated or use real steel in their stick fighting arts and can be forged both in blunt or live edge making for perfect training and live cutting tools.

Built from 1095 hard steel with a beveled back edge & using brass fittings with hardwood handles , these blades have an excellent balance point and profile and are neatly stored in a beautiful wooden scabbard which houses both blades .

Our exclusive GVA Espada Y Daga set design was a work of passion and can now be yours to own!!



Overall Length Sword: 70cm

Overall Length Daga: 41cm

Sword Weight:       950g

Daga Weight:         650g  

Blade Length Sword: 53.5cm

Blade Length Daga: 26.5cm

Handle Length Sword: 16.5cm

Handle Length Daga: 14.5cm

Blade   Material:   AISI 1095 Carbon Steel

Handle Material:   Quality polished hardwood


Warning: These swords are illegal/restricted in some states/areas, if u are unsure please contact your local authorities to confirm legalities. By purchasing this item you confirm that you understand and have conformed to all laws within your state/territory. We will not be held responsible or liable for any reason of non-compliance.

Please do not attempt to purchase this item if you intend on chopping down trees, concrete blocks, or other rediculous items. These are beautiful works of art, and are intended for people who are serious about respecting such an item.