GVA Katana Rental $150 (5 Days) - with suit hire only.

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$30.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

 If you are looking to make an impression with Traditional Samurai Armour 

We have you covered!!



Available ONLY with the rental of our Samurai Armour.


 Terms & Conditions:


* A security deposit must first be placed with Paypal to secure your armour rental *


This security deposit covers both the katana rental ($350) and any damages should they occur.

Please checkout as normal using the "Samurai Armour Rental (5 Days)" product and then add this item to your cart to add to your armour and select Paypal as your payment method.


* Katana rental cost is $100 + $30 shipping for 5 days  *

  Rental period begins once delivery is received until the katana is returned to GVA.

(Rental rate is $50.00 per day thereafter until returned)

The Katana is shipped separate from the Armour due to size and shape.

Includes return shipping in price.


* Security deposit will be fully refunded less rental fee *

Upon receiving the armour/katana back, we will inspect them for damage & refund your deposit less our rental fee via Paypal within 3 days. Any damages to the suit caused during the rental period will also be deducted from the security deposit amount before refund.

If the item/s are not returned to Guardians Vault Australia - the security deposit paid will be forfeit & taken in full.


All items will be sent by major national couriers (ie TNT - Toll Ipec)



Please feel free to send us a message for more infomation or your individual requirements