Ii Clan Zunari Gashira Kabuto

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Ii Clan Zunari Gashira Kabuto

Our Ii Clan Zunari Gashira Kabuto is a fantastic zunari-hachi features gold-painted wooden horns that reach to the heavens made popular by Ii Naomasa (井伊 直政, March 4, 1561 – March 24, 1602) who was a general under the Sengoku Period daimyō, and later shōgun, Tokugawa Ieyasu. This zunari bachi feature mayu (simulated eyebrows) and miage shiwa (simulated forehead wrinkles) on the oroshi-mabizashi (visor). Although the Ii Clan were well known for their red (shu) lacquered yoroi with indigo blue odoshi (lace), we offer the option of different colors.


This striking Gendai reproduction Zunari Bachi Kabuto, is stamp pressed to mimic the 3 plate design, which forms the hachi (bowl) section of the kabuto and then hand cut each plate for the shikoro.  The shikoro is then hand laced in odoshi sugake (simple hang) with the care.  The ukebari (helmet lining) is then carefully fitted to the inside of the hachi (bowl of helmet) to finish the kabuto.  The hanbo (chin / cheek armor) is then finished using the same odoshi sugake on the tare (throat guard) which was the common mengu (facial armor) used by samurai in combat.


Also available in Taisho Class.

Features: Gashira Class.

  • Variation of paint, cotton odoshi colors and features.
  • Full sized and fully functional.
  • Includes portable stand.



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