Oda Clan Zunari Gashira Kabuto

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Oda Clan Zunari Gashira Kabuto

The Oda Clan Zunari Kabuto is crafted by our experienced Gashira Katchû-shi (Japanese armor smith) in honor of the Oda Clan who played a major part in the history of Japan during the end of the Sengoku Era.  A zunari was a very robust, effective and attractive style of kabuto. This made it very popular from the mid 16th century forward.

Our Oda Clan zunari kabuto comes with an engraved Oda Clan maedate (crest) with matching suemon (mini-crests) on the fukigaeshi (ears).  The Gashira katchû-shi  (armor smith) have crafted this beautiful zunari kabuto to simulate the traditional 3 plate design, which forms the hachi (bowl) section of the kabuto and then hand cut each plate for the shikoro.  The shikoro is then hand laced in odoshi sugake (simple hang) with the care. Choose the color of odoshi of your unit or personal preference.  The ukebari (helmet lining) is carefully fitted to the inside of the hachi (bowl of helmet) to finish the kabuto.  Your choice of mengu(facial armor) can be selected to be crafted with this kabuto.  This is the perfect kabuto for an ashigaru to mid-ranking samurai.

Features: Gashira Class.

  • Variation of paint, cotton odoshi colors and features.
  • Full sized and fully functional.
  • Includes portable stand.


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