Kakushitsu Zunari Gashira Kabuto

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Kakushitsu Zunari Gashira Kabuto


This Kakushitsu Zunari (horned) is crafted by the Gashira Class katchû-shi  (Japanese armor smith) at the Iron Mountain Armory.  This reproduction of a traditional Japanese zunari (zu-nari) kabuto is adorned with the horns of a water buffalo. It was believed to channel the energy and strength of this beast.

Although this style of kabuto is not practical for battle, it would had been worn for display, ceremonies, parades to and from the capital city. It has been crafted to simulate the traditional 3 plate design, which forms the hachi (bowl) section of the kabuto. The shikoro (neck guard) plates are hand cut, shaped, polished, painted and then hand laced in odoshi sugake (simple hang) with care. Choose the color of odoshi that suits you.  The ukebari (helmet lining) is then carefully fitted to the inside of the hachi (bowl of helmet) to finish the kabuto. Your choice of mengu (facial armor) can be selected to be crafted with this kabuto.  A perfect kabuto for an low to mid-ranking samurai or collector.

Features: Gashira Class.

  • Variation of paint, cotton odoshi colors and features.
  • Full sized and fully functional.
  • Includes portable stand.



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