Kachi Tatami Karuta Yoroi

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Kachi Tatami Karuta Yoroi

Kachi Tatami Karuta Yoroi is a form of light-weight, folding armor worn by Ashigaru, Shinobi and low ranking Samurai during the Sengoku Era of feudal Japan.  The term “tatami” refers to the folding ability and “karuta” a small square or rectangle plates of steel sewn to a cloth backing.  The (chest armor), as well as the kusazuri (thigh guards), have small spaces between the karuta, to allow for maximum flexibility.  A simple kote (sleeves) and suneate (shin guards) featuring steel shino (splint) plates sewn to matching linen backing, giving adequate protection and economics, are also included in this set. Padding can be added for extra protection for an additional fee. This Katchi Tatami Karuta Yoroi model offers the most economical Samurai style body armor from Iron Mountain Armory.  For the next level of light-weight, folding armor with more protection, please see our Gashira Tatami Karuta Yoroi.  For the ultimate lightweight, folding samurai armor, please see our Taisho Tatami Karuta Yoroi.

Karuta Armor was worn by all classes of samurai and foot soldiers (ashigaru) alike. High quality Taisho Karuta Armor was more elaborate, ornate and offered better protection, while the lower quality Kachi sets are plainer and offer only a basic level of protection. Tatami armor is easily adjusted to fit people of all sizes, and to be worn over or under clothing. Tatami armor may have also been popular amongst the shinobi (ninja), it could be worn discreetly under their clothing, allowing them an excellent, yet discreet protection, for their stealthy endeavors.

FeaturesKachi Quality

  • Linen with armor plates sewn on (no chainmail)
  • Includes basic dō, kote & suneate.
  • An optional matching Hachigane(headband) or under padding, can be requested for an extra fee


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