Sengoku Samurai Armour Figure - 05 Shingen Takeda

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-Authentic Sengoku Samurai Armour Series-

- 05 -

- Shingen Takeda -






Takeda Shingen (武田信玄) (December 1, 1521 – May 13, 1573) of Kai Province was a preeminent daimyo in feudal Japan with exceptional military prestige in the late stage of the Sengoku period.


The exact circumstances surrounding Takeda Shingen's death are not absolutely known. There are many different stories, some of which are as follows.


When Takeda Shingen was 49 years old, he was the only daimyo with the necessary power and tactical skill to stop Oda Nobunaga's rush to rule Japan. He engaged Tokugawa Ieyasu's forces in 1572 and captured Futamata, and in January engaged in the battle of Mikatagahara, where he defeated, but not decisively, a small combined army of Nobunaga and Ieyasu. After defeating Tokugawa Ieyasu, Shingen stopped his advance temporarily due to outside influences, which allowed Tokugawa to prepare for battle again. He entered Mikawa Province, but soon died in the camp. Some accounts say he succumbed to an old war wound, some say a sniper wounded him earlier, and some accounts say he died of pneumonia. He was buried at Erin temple in what is now Kōshū, Yamanashi.




Width:  17.5 cm

Height:  21 cm

Depth:  9cm

Weight:  340g