Sengoku Samurai Armour Figure - 06 Yukimura Sanada

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-Authentic Sengoku Samurai Armour Series-

- 06 -

- Yukimura Sanada -






Sanada Saemon-no-Suke Yukimura (真田 左衛門佐 幸村, Sanada Yukimura, 1567–June 3, 1615) was a Japanese samurai, second son of the Sengoku period daimyo Sanada Masayuki (1544–1611). He and his father were known as being excellent military tacticians. Though their army was very small, they won many battles in which they were outnumbered. Through these feats he would gain fame and forever a place in Japanese history. Sanada Yukimura was called "A Hero who may appear once in a hundred years" and "crimson demon of war", and Shimazu Tadatsune (島津忠恒, arguably the best performer in the invasion of Korea) called him the "number one warrior in Japan" (日本一の兵).


Width:  17.5 cm

Height:  21 cm

Depth:  9cm

Weight:  340g